MV ILLUSIONS Dive Charters

Diving with the RIB MV Illusions specialises in scuba diving. It was built for divers by a diver. The vessel is currently operating on the East Coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean. Pemba, the Northern Island of Zanzibar, is the destination of most of the dive charters.

An almost continuous chain of islands on drying reef, fronts the west coast of Pemba. A few narrow deep gaps in the reef provide access to many sheltered inlets.

Steep walls of coral cliffs drop off to a depth in excess of 300m relatively close to shore. Offshore waters are rich in big pelagic game fish like barracuda, kingfish, wahoo and jacks. On the reef, marine life is abundant. Colorful damsels, butterflies, surgeon and triggerfish can be seen with Napoleaon wrasse, sea turtles and Manta rays.

Dolphins bow-riding Travelling from one anchorage to the next, we usually encounter dolphins playing in the bow wave and very often see manta rays jumping out of the water performing 'mantabatics'.

Dives are directed by tides and weather conditions. Most dives are drift dives - currents are almost always present, but all the dives are exciting, each in its own way. Divers must be qualified and present proof of qualification.

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